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Driver Profile

Steve Fraser - Blue Thunder III

Hometown: Meridale, NY

Occupation: Mechanic

Team Members: Mike Fraser, Rich Briscoe, Mark Degraw, Billy & Paula Bagley, Pedro, Del Moak, Jen Roarke, Harold Brandon Joe & Marlinda Card

Vehicle Specs: Three Blown Big Block Chevy's,

Chassis built in 2008 by "The Blue Crew"

Pulling since: 1985

Sponsors: Meres Electric LLC, Avalanche fabrication, Briscoe Enterprises, Parts Plus/ of Delhi, Romo Machine LLC, cen-pe-co oil , propullingphoto.com, Boices Backyard Catering, Buzzy's Blue Stone

Personal Accomplishments: 3rd in 2012 points 2010,2009 3rd Place NYTPA Points , Still having fun with good friends

EMail Address: sparky13806@yahoo.com


Steve Fraser

Blue Thunder III


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