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Fire & Ice Motorsports


Hayes Super Natural Pulling Team


Determination Pulling Team





LaRue Pulling Team  www.wmlarue-enterprises.com


MacFaddens Farm Equipment


National/International Organizations

Australian Tractor Pullers Association (ATPA)

Battle of the Bluegrass ( BOB )
Big Rigs Pulling Series
European Tractor Pulling Committee (ETPC)
Federation du Tracteur Pulling Francais (FTPF)
National Antique Tractor Pullers Association (NATPA)
National Micro Mini Tractor Pullers Association (NMMTPA)
National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA)
National Radio Control Truck Pulling Association (NRCTPA)
National Garden Tractor Pullers Association (NGTPA)
Outlaw Hotrod Pullers Association
Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pullers Association (OTTPA)
Pro Pulling League (PPL)
Swedish Tractor Pullng Club
Tractor Pulling Belgium


State Organizations

Alberta Tractor Pullers Association (ATPA)
Association sportive de tire de tracteurs du Québec Canada (ASTTQ)
Badger State Tractor Pullers (BSTP)
Buckeye Modified Tractor Pullers (BMTP)
California Super Stock Pulling (CSSP)
Central Minnesota Pullers (CMP)
Central New York Truck Pullers (CNYTP)
Central Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association (COATPA)
CMPA./Tri State Truck Pulling Association (CMPA)
Colorado Truck and Tractor Pullers Associaton (CTTPA)
Commonwealth Garden Tractor Pullers Association (CGTPA)
Country Modified Pulling (California)
East Central Iowa Tractor Pulling Association (ECITPA)
Empire State Tractor Pullers (ESP)
Garden & Hot Rod Tractor Puller Pages of Northern KY
Great Lakes Tractor Pulling Assocoiation (GLTPA)
Great Plains Tractor Pullers (GLTPA)
Heartland Tractor Pullers Association (HTPA)
Hoosier State Tractor Pullers Association (HSTPA)
Hot Rod Garden Tractor Pullers Association of Missouri
Illiana Pullers Association (IPA)
Illinois Farm Pullers Association (IFPA)
Illinois Hot Farm Stock Pullers Association (IHFSPA)
Illinois Tractor Pulling Association (ITPA)
Indiana Economy Modified Pullers (IEMPA)
Indiana Super Farm Pullers Association (ISFPA)
Indiana Truck Pulling Association (ITPA)
Iowa/Missouri Pullers Association (IAMO)
Kansas Econo Pullers Association
Kenten pullers (KY/TN pulling group)
Kentucky Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association (KOTTPA)
Massachusetts Truck Pullers Association (MATPA)
Michindoh Pulling Association
Middle Tennessee Pullers Association (MTPA)
Mid Missouri Truck and Tractor Pulling Association (MMTTPA)
Mid-South Pullers Association
Missouri State Tractor Pullers Association (MSTPA)
Nebraska Bush Pullers (NBPI)
Nebraska Tractor Pullers Association (NeTPA)
New-Penn Jersey Tractor Pullers Association
Northeast Nebraska Puller's Association Inc. (NNPAI)
Northwest Missouri Tractor Pullers Association (NWMTPA)
Northwest Tractor Pullers Association (NWTPA)
Ohio River Valley Tractor Pullers Association (ORVTPA)
Ohio State Tractor Pullers Association (OSTPA)
Pacific Tractor Puller's Association (PTPA)
Power Pulling Association
ProWest Pullers
Pullers Inc.
Red Cedar Pullers, LLC (RCP)
Red River Valley Pullers (RRVPA)
Shenandoah Valley Tractor Pullers Association, Inc. (SVTPA)
Southern Pullers Association (STPA)
Tennessee Alabama Pullers Association (TAPA)
The United Pullers of the Carolinas (UPOTC)
Thumb Tractor Pulling Association Inc (TTPA)
Tractor Pullers of the Midwest (TPM)
Tri-State Truck & Tractor Pullers
Twin States Pulling Association (TSPA)
United Pullers of Minnesota (UPM)
United Truck and Tractor Pullers (UTTPI)
Valley Tractor Pullers Assn. Inc. (California)
Virginia Truck Pullers Association (VTPA)
West Central Illinois Tractor Pullers Association (WCITPA)
West Central Iowa Pullers (WCIP)
Western New York Pro Farm Pullers (WNY-PFP)
Wisconson Tractor Pullers Assn. (WTPA)
Wolverine Pullers Inc.


Arcola Truck & Tractor Pull
Association Normandy of Tractor Pulling, (Bernay France)
Brigden Pull and Shrine
Buck Motorsports Park
Cal Poly Tractor Pull
Dragon Motorsports Park
Endy National Truck & Tractor Pull
European Championships
Fergus Truck Show
Füchtorf, Germany's Biggest Tractor Pull
Green's Raceway
Hillsboro Fireman’s Charity Tractor Pull, Hillsboro WI
Lyon Super Pull of the South
Marshall/Putnam Fair
Midwest Winter Nationals
Miller's Tree Farm Truck and Tractor Pull
National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) Louisville KY
National Tractor Pulling Championships, Bowling Green OH
Northwestern FFA Alumni OSTPA Truck and Tractor Pull
Pinetops 300,Truck and Tractor Pull

Shootout Productions
Southern Motorsports Promotions
Southern Pulling Series
Stichting Beach Pull
Wild Wheels Weekend
Wisconsin Dairyland Super National Tractor Pull, Tomah WI
Wisconson State Championship Truck & Tractor Pull, Freedom WI

Super Farm / Limited Pro Stock Teams

Lamphere Pulling, (Limited Pro Stock--USA)

Morsey Bros. Motorsports Chipmunk Super Farm, (Super Farm--USA)

Scheid-Ster Pulling Team, (Super Farm--USA)

Teachers Pet Pulling, (Super Farm--USA)

Wild Buck Pulling Team, (Limited Pro Stock--USA)

Pro Stock Teams

Allis Challenger, (Pro Stock--USA)

Bad Boys Toy, (Pro Stock--Europe)

Barn Burner, (Pro Stock--USA)

Bricker Brothers, (Pro Stock--USA)

Die Hard Deere, (Pro Stock--USA)

Gon' Moken Pulling Team, (Pro Stock--USA)

Green Streak Pulling Team, (Pro Stock-USA)

New Generation, (Pro Stock--Europe)

No Fear Deere Team, (Pro Stock--USA)

Oberreuter Motorsports, (Pro Stock--USA)

Red Attraction, (Pro Stock--Europe)

RedNex Pulling Team, (Pro Stock--Europe)

Rocky Team, (Pro Stock--Europe)

Rough and Tumble, (Pro Stock--Europe)

Rough Justice/Trial 'n Error, (Pro Stock--Europe)

Runaway Deere, (Pro Stock--Europe)

Sarver's Green Extreme, (Pro Stock--USA)

Show Time Pulling Team, (Pro Stock--Canada)

Snoopy The Resurrection, (Pro Stock--Europe)

Teipen's Pulling Team, (Pro Stock--USA)

Valtra Team, (Pro Stock--Europe)

White Crow, (Pro Stock--Europe)

Wild Fire Pulling Team, (Light Pro Stock--USA)


Super Stock Teams

Beth's Blue Angel Page, (Super Stock--USA)

Crazy Canuck Pulling Team, (Super Stock--Canada)

Determination Motorsports, (Super Stock--USA)

Diggin' it Pulling Team, (Super Stock--USA)

Dschinni Team, (Super Stock--Europe)

Fiat-SuperAGRI, (Super Stock--Europe)

Gibson Farms Motorsports, (Super Stock--USA)

Hayes Pulling Team, (Super Stock--USA)

Life's Journey, (Super Stock--USA)

Magkal Bits 'n Pieces, (Super Stock--Europe)

Moni/Super Moni, (Super Stock--Europe)

MP-Lift, (Super Stock--Europe)

Racical Red Pulling Team, (Super Stock--USA)

Red Alert, (Super Stock--Europe)

Roberts Pulling Team, (Super Stock--USA)

Silver Bullet, (Super Stock--USA)

Wildfire Pulling, (Super Stock--USA)


Mini Mod Teams

Awesome Ride, (Mini-USA)

Backdraft, (Mini--Europe)

Blue Magic Team, (Mini--Europe)

Carolina Thunder, (Mini--USA)

Gompie, (Mini--Europe)

Green Temptation Team, (Mini--Europe)

Hot Head Tractor Pulling Team, (Mini--Europe)

Knospe Pulling Team, (Mini--USA)

Leka Pulling Team, (Mini--Europe)

Lunatic Temptation Pulling, (Mini--Europe)

Mini Motorsports Bristol, (Mini--USA)

ZZ Top, (Mini--Europe)


Modified Teams

Asterix, (Modified--Europe)

Bandit, (Modified--Europe)

Billy Biers Unlimited Modified pulling team (usa)

Black Cat, (Modified--Europe)

Black Power, (Modified--Europe)

Bull Power, (Modified--Europe)

Claas Green Monster Team, (Modified--Europe)

Cougar Team, (Modified--Europe)

Desperate Dan, (Modified--Europe)

Dirtslinger Page, (Modified--USA)

Double Dose Plus One, (Modified--USA)

Dschinni Team, (Modified--Europe)

Frequent Flyer and Warhawk Pulling Team, (Modified--USA)

Green Spirit, (Modified--Europe)

G. Stone Motors, Inc., (Modified--USA)

Holy Cow Pulling Team, (Modified--USA)

Hue Pulling Team, (Modified--Europe)

Inter-Techno Lambada, (Modified--Europe)

Joker Team, (Modified--Europe)

Mad Max Team, (Modified--Europe)

Q8 Team Popeye, (Modified--Europe)

Rockefeller's Policy Peddler, (Modified--USA)

Seaside Affair, (Modified--Europe)

Stichting Bandit, (Modified--Europe)

Stonecold Royles Royce, (Modified--Europe)

Total Insanity, (Modified--Europe)

Voldsom Volvo, (Modified--Europe)

Whitehorse Team, (Modified--Europe)

Wild Child Page, (Modified--USA)

Wild Times Motorsports, (Modified--USA)


Twd Truck Teams

Butterfly Morning, (Twd Truck--Europe)

Cabeen Pulling, (Twd Truck--USA)

Cloud Nine Team, (Twd Truck--Europe)

Chili Pepper, (Twd Truck--USA)

Christian Hollow Motorsports Halffast2, (Twd Truck--USA)

Diabolix team, (Twd Truck--Europe)

Dirt Track Cadillac, (Twd Truck--USA)

Dominator, (TWD Truck--Europe)

Hue Pulling Team, (Twd Truck--Europe)

Liberty Racing Team, (Twd Truck--Europe)

McPherson Motorsports, (Twd Truck--USA)

Midnight Mistress, (Twd Truck--USA)

Out'A Control Pulling Team, (Twd--USA)

Party Time Pulling Team, (Twd Truck--USA)

Sawmill Express, (Twd Truck--USA)

Sledge-Hammer, (Twd Truck--Europe)

Team Tatum Pulling, (Twd Truck--USA)

Team XL, (Twd Truck--Europe)

Woods pulling team (USA & Canada)


Fwd Truck Teams

Blue Magic Truck Pulling Team, (Modified Fwd--USA)

Blue Racer Pulling Team, (Pro Stock Fwd--USA)

Fantasy Pulling Truck, (Modified Fwd--USA)

Fire and Ice Motorsports, (Modified Fwd--USA)

Foolish Farmer, (Modified Fwd--USA)

Hagedorn Motorsports, (Modified Fwd--USA)

Heavy Metal Pulling Team, (Super Street 4x4--USA)

Kempe's Cloose Enuf Motor Sports, (Modified Fwd--USA)

Lightning Strikes, (Modified Fwd--Canada)

Mistreated 4x4 Pulling Team, (Modified Fwd--USA)

Orange Krush and Time Machine, (Modified Fwd--USA)

Primetime Pulling, (Pro Stock Fwd--USA)

Sled Draggin Pulling Team, (Pro Stock Fwd--USA)

Yellow Fever Pulling Team, (Modified Fwd--USA)


Semi Truck Teams

Buckeye Bulldog, (Semi--USA)

Lady Butterfly Pulling Team, (Semi--USA)

Metzger Motor Sports, (Semi--USA)

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Bungart Motorsports (usa)

Bushwacker (usa)

CTTPA's Sudden Impact (usa)

Decision Maker (usa)

Downhill Express (usa)

Executioner ( Canada )

Full Pull Team ( France )

Hill's Sled Rental (usa)

Old Ironsides (usa)

Thumb Trucking (usa)

Track Boss (usa)

Track Boss III (usa)

West Tennessee Sled Company (usa)


Truck and Tractor Pulling Magazines

Full Pull Magazine

Pull Off Magazine

The Hook Magazine

The Puller

Tractor Pulling Magazine




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