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NYTPA Association sponsors for 2018 are MacFadden & Sons - Mahindra

Please plan on being at your first event of the year early to allow our Tech officials to begin this process.  Extra staff is scheduled for Lowville & Hemlock to help with inspections.  If you have a tech question in advance, please contact Keith Woodbeck or John Maier directly.

PPL has issued a NO DRONE policy at our events.  If any drones are spotted anywhere within the pulling event the pull will be shut down until the drone is removed.  All promoters have been notified.




Printable NYTPA 2018 Membership Application


Pro Pulling League 2018 License Application  

                                                          Pro Pulling League 2017 Rule Book 




2/3 Points Qualification for 2019

   Modified =     Two Wheel Drive =      Super Farm =   

Super Stock =      Super Stock Alcohol =      Super Stock Diesel =


David LaMarche Sportsmanship Award

     The LaMarche Family established the Dave LaMarche Sportsmanship Award.  The award will be made annually at the NYTPA Fall Banquet.  The award of a plaque and $250 cash will be made to the NYTPA pulling family (crewperson or family member) who upholds the values of sanctioned pulling with NYTPA and goes the extra mile to make a difference for others through encouragement, assistance and an all around good attitude.   The annual selection will be made by a committee of NYTPA Officers and Tech Officials who worked during the pulling season. 

  2011 - Jessie MacDonald       2012 - Keith Woodbeck      2013 - Lyn Cole

2014 - Josh Hayes      2015 - Beth Wittenbrader      2016 - Rae Wilcox      2017 - Jenny Davis & family

2018 - The Blue Crew



2018 Season Awards

2018 Modified Puller of the Year - Bob Wittenbrader "Live Wire P38 & Live Wire"

2018 Super Stock Puller of the Year - Henry Everman "Forced Decision & Final Decision"

2018 Two Wheel Drive Puller of the Year - Dan MacDonald "Silent Thunder"

2018 Super Farm Puller of the Year - John & Morgan Lilly - Extreme Pressure

2018 Rookie of the Year - Jesse Hayes - Jake Belfance - Bryce Tyrrell

2018 Outstanding Event - Lewis County Fair - Lowville, NY

2018 Pull of the Year - Columbia County Fair - Chatham, NY


Hall of Fame Recipients

2009 - Bill Rockefeller - Don Skellie

2010 - Lee Bement - David LaMarche - Albert LaRue

2011 - Jerry Edwards

2012 - Earl Horton - Dave Shoemaker

2014 - Manny Ferry III

2015 - Willie Hayes

2016 - John Burr

2018 - Bob Wittenbrader





        PPL requires that all sponsorship decals and patches be properly displayed to pass Tech. This applies to ALL

        vehicles including non-PPL members competing on a day hook fee.

Skid plates are a must for ALL Super Stock and Super Farm tractors. If any questions contact Keith Woodbeck or John Maier.

Face shields are recommended.

Anyone within Restricted Areas (the track or hot pit or line up, etc.) require ASSOCIATE membership and signed waiver at all events.  During the competition driver and 1 crew person only at line up area..

EVERYONE IS REMINDED:  Clothing restrictions remain in effect once the event has started within 30 feet of the track, on the track, in the hot pit area, in line up area or at the scales.  No tank tops, shorts or open toe footwear.  This safety policy applies to everyone. For driver introductions wear drivers suit, team shirt, or NYTPA t-shirt (tucked-in) with long pants.  Wear your Lucas hat.  Tech Officials are required to wear fire retardant uniforms (no polyester) while the event is in session.

NYTPA policy remains that first time the vehicle is tech'd for the season, it must be started and shutdown via safety cable with tech official present.

NYTPA board adopted the PPL policy of no splits or ties for full pulls.  At leas one of the competitors will hook to the sled and make a measurable distance.

Come to the scales prepared to adjust your hitch height.  Take time to straighten up, free up and lubricate and find your wrenches before your first event!

Roll cages will have to meet SFI specs.

Entry opens 3-4 hours before the scheduled start time.  Please enter as soon as entry opens and bring the correct change - small bills.  Entries absolutely close 1 1/2 hour prior to start time. For a 7:00 pm show, entry closes at 5:30.  Late entries MUST be called in by closing time & paid in full.  If you ask someone to register for you they MUST pay your entry fee.  A number will be selected and a receipt issued for you to that person.  Plan on being at events 2 hours early to allow for registration and tech inspection. Phone 716-432-6113

It is the competitors responsibility to be tech'd before the event starts.  Please be near your vehicle to assure inspection is completed.

Points are awarded to vehicles & drivers who are both PPL and NYTPA members only.  A second or substitute driver if not a member of PPL has to purchase a one day PPL license.

Minor release forms must be completed for every event.  Everyone will be required to sign the waiver form.


Notice Limited Pro Tractors

The Limited Pro Tractors will weigh a maximum of 8,500 lbs., engine size of 540 CID maximum, oEM intake manifold and either an "A" pump with stock (NO Billet) housing and no turbocharger limit, or a "P" pump with a 3" in and a 4" out turbocharger.   This information was referenced from 2004 rulebook and 2004 annual meeting minutes.




Announcer Profiles

NYTPA Members: We need to keep your Announcer Profile Page UP-TO-DATE it's Very Inportant to give the fans the Correct Information. Please Send any Updated Profile INFO To

Jessie MacDonald

3057 Hopewell Townline Rd

Clifton Springs,NY 14432

or Email me @



Website Profiles


Please Send any Updated Profile INFO  To

Harold Card

265 Peet Rd

Morris,NY 13808

or Email Me @



Updated  11/6/18   J MacDonald







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