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Classes: Two Wheel Drive Trucks , Modified Tractors , Super Stock Tractors , Super Farm Modifed Turbo Tractors

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Updated 7/16/2017


Two Wheel Drive Truck Class 

The Two-Wheel Drive class is considered the funny cars of pulling. These wheel standers run with fiberglass S-10 Chevy bodies, Dodge Dakotas, Ford Super duties and 23 Ford T-buckets. You name it and they are running it. They are producing upwards of 2,500 horsepower, from after market engines such as a Keith Black Hemi and the Fontana Arias to more common BBF and BBC engines from Fords and Chevys. They are allowed up to 575 cubic inches and can use superchargers or turbos burning methanol for fuel. These machines all use slipper clutches with a gearbox.  They have Rockwell rear ends with planetary gears. The Dick Cepeck tires can produce wheel speeds up to 80 mph. The maximum weight of the vehicle is 6,200 pounds and are allowed 15 feet from center of rear axle to furthest point forward of the cab and weight box.

Albert LaRue

Milkcan Express
Mike Bartoszewski
Mini Picture of Tractor
Destination 300_II
Bob Wittenbrader

Bear Express
Dan MacDonald

Silent Thunder
Mike Dietzel

Nothing Special
Jon Dietzel

Howling Wolf
Will LaRue

A Royal Pain II
Jon Dietzel

Bob Reny

Al VanOstrand

Cowboy Cadillac
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Modified Tractors Class

Modified tractors are unlike anything you’ve ever seen on a farm!! Take a farm tractor and strip it down to just the rear end and rebuild it with all custom parts with a number of possible engine combinations. You can use two or three automotive engines, aircraft egines, or jet turbines or a combination of all. What you get is what is known as a “Modified” Pulling Tractor. Mounting the engines in various configurations; crank to crank, sideways, or even stacking them, make the competition even tougher. Hook these tractors up to a transfer sled and just watch the dirt fly with wheel speeds in excess of 80mph! Modified Tractors with that much horsepower are the loudest of all tractor classes. Tractor pulling is one of the few motor sports where the fans can actually feel the power!!! Don’t forget to cover your ears!!!!

Steve Fraser

Blue Thunder III
Bob Cole

The Bandit
Dave King

Mr. No Respect
Mark Cole

The Gambler
Matt & Manny Ferry

Rotten, Mean & Nasty
Matt & Many Ferry

Milk Money
Sharon Everman

Wild Hare
Ken Angell

Heaven Can Wait
Tom Durfee

Thumper II
Richard Rockefeller

Policy Peddler
Bob Wittenbrader

Live Wire
John Zemcik

Lee Bement

New Yorker
Brian Gladding

Hillbilly Heaven
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Super Stock Tractor Class

The Super Stock tractor class allows four different types of tractors in the same class. Weights and regulations make this class very competitive. Super Stocks weigh 8,500 lbs and are limited to three turbo stages and 30.5 x 32 tires. The alcohol Super Stocks limit is 504 cid and weigh in at 7,500 lbs.

The ProStock tractors are limited to 680 cid and diesel fuel only. They have one turbo which are unlimited to its size. They are also limited to a 24.5 x 32 tires. ProStocks weigh in at 9,000 lbs.

Limited Pro Tractors are limited to 540 cid and are diesel fuel only. They have 3x4 turbo but depending on the pump such as a P pump versus when running with an A pump the charger size is not limited. They are limited to a 24.5 x 32 tire size.

Super Farm tractors are limited to 640 cid and weigh 9,000 lbs. They are limited to a P pump and a 3x3 turbo. Super Farms and Limited Pro are limited to an OEM casting cylinder head.

Dan Thomas

Ken Jamieson

Code Red
John Raymond

Smoke N Mirrors
James Hayes

3RD Generation
Rick Eakins

Indecent Exposure
Henry Everman

Final Decision
Richard & Robert Horton

Lil Less Patience
Ken Burket

Sugar Top Special
Kim Hayes

Iron Eagle
Mark Hayes

Robert & Richard Horton

Lil More Patience
Hank Tumilowicz

Super Allis
Chris Cole
Mini Picture of Tractor
Reborn Binder
Burt Stannard

Gaeton Yelle

Blue Rascal
Tim Davis

Rebel Red
Henry Everman

Forced Decision
Gaeton Yelle

Magnum Force
Jeff Hayes

20 Mule Team
Gaeton Yelle

Jim & Mike Bain

Old Black Witch
Kent Blanchard

Todd Dyer

Little Bitty
Dave Everman

Over Ruled
Jacob Belfance

Chain Reaction
Pete Paddock

Foolish Highlander
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Lance Micek

Edge Of A Dream

Randall Weaver










Photos By  www.propullingphoto.com

Super Farm Modified Turbo Tractor Class

The Super Farm class is considered an entry-level class into sanctioned tractor pulling. This class came on the national scene only five years ago and is now the largest class in sanctioned pulling. These tractors are diesel powered, weigh 9,300 lbs, and run 24.5x32 tires. The engines have a max displacement of 640 cubic inches and a single 3x3 turbo. The engine must retain a stock OEM engine block, cylinder head exhaust and intake manifold. Component chassis are not allowed. This combination allows a lot of different colors to compete, and you might even see a limited pro tractor hook with the super farms at 8,500 lbs. On occasion you will see a super farm drop 300 lbs and jump into the Super Stock class and hook with the big boys. Although they are out-powered, the Super Farm tractors can still hold their own.

Randy Weaver  

Borderline II
Sanford Horton

Big Boy's Toy
Travis McKnight

Walkin Tall
Brent Naylor

Elbow Deep
Nick Audet

Udder Obsession
Roddy Burns

Chuck Miglianti & Bob Tumilowicz

Back In Black
Scott Christ

Just 4 Fun
Nate Williams

Gregg Whelan

Classic Case
Stan Edwards

Waterloo Wizard
Scoob & Jason Van De Weert

44 Special Reloaded
Jeff Harrison

Ju$t Money
Jeremy Prouty

Die Hard Red
Tyler Audet

Pure Bred Red
Ron Dennison

Farm Boy's Obsession
Elwood Stickler

Naturally Red
RJ Dennison

Red Dog
Bruce Weaver
Mini Picture of Tractor
Sudden Storm
Ralph Cooley

Maverick's Mistress
Travis Korb

Just In Time

John Lilly

Extreme Pressure

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Banquet Photos
Jack Boone

Barnyard Bully
Chris Bulriss

Red Dog II



Photos By  www.propullingphoto.com


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